Christmas is for many people the best or atleast one of the best times of the year. In some countries it will goes together with cold weather and snow what will give an amazing atmosphere. But they almost celebrate christmas all over the world even in the countries were it can be really hot during christmas. Christmas will bring families closer together sometimes just for a nice dinner or to drink something together. In many countries they celebrate it different, in some countries every house has a single christmas tree and in other places they only have christmas trees in hotels and shopping mall or other public buildings. But what we know that it's a nice worldwide celebration wich make people feel heart warming and often people are giving each other some nice presents. If you are can't imagine how christmas will look like than we found some amazing christmas pictures here for you. In some countries they send christmas cards to everybody by mail and they will hang them all in the living room, it's also a tradition to put some present under the christmas tree so on the 25th of december everybody has a nice present. What we know about santa claus is that he might live on the northpole together with his deers. Santa Claus is a white bearded men with a red outfit. Santa Claus is derived from a british figure the father of christmas, the Dutch Sinterklaas and a greek priest. We want to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year! For more amazing wallpapers, pictures and beautiful images take a look at